About us

Ethereal Decibel Company/Records, or EDC/EDR for short, is a non lucrative association from Britanny. Its main purpose is to promote the psytrance culture through events, artists management and CD release under the EDR label.

The association wishes to throw parties cheap enough to be accessible to virtually everyone, with high standards in terms of musical ambition.
The Temporal Disaster party was its first “Label Party” in partnership with Bhooteshwara Records, a Macedonian Label. During this event, Malice In Wonderland and other world-class Psytrance/Dark artists were invited to play.

In partnership with Le Bateau Louche, Illusion Sonore, Global Hybrid Rec and Sub.Conscience, the Digital Mind Travel party took place in May 2014 at the Kosmos Club in Maine et Loire (France). This nice party shined thanks to the hard work of the artists of Resorb (Germany).

In October 2014, EDC set the Deviant Procession party, where the touch of InOrbit (UK) did add a magnificent visual during the party.

The association is entirely self-financing.

EDC is also known for different artistic and sound system set-up services (for example during the Eclosion Festival 2 (Indalive)).