About us

Ethereal Decibel Company (Often shortened « EDC ») is a non-profit organization born in Rennes (France) that aims to promote the psychedelic trance culture and it's values, organize indoor events and outdoors festivals, and support the production of local and international artists.

Created in 2012, EDC has organized more than 30 events (private parties indoor/outdoor, clubs, festivals) and has been involved in many collaborations with other organizers on a local and national scale (Eclosion festival (49), Hadra Trance Festival (38/03), Rock’n’Solex festival (35) …)

With the years, the crew has built a solidreputation by having a " no-bargain "policy, producing stunning events from any possible approach.

The organizers have made it clear that their art direction, their logistics, and the consideration they have for their audience (by offering the crowd the best conditions possible, in pair with what the biggest national events could do) are at the heart of their preoccupations with a clear goal : rising the bar higher with each new opportunity, while staying 100 % self-funded.

Driven by the strength of their member's youth, but managed by established and wannabee professionals, the association, which will celebrate its sixth birthday, now employs three people and works with many other talented professionals and partners/contractors on a regular basis

In 2017, Ethereal decibel company, struggling to find proper venues for its activities, moves to Nantes, establishing itself as a new standard in the west of France's capital city.