He discovered electronic music in the late 90s on a free party where he played acidtechno. Around the same period he started listening to the evening shows of goatrance radio and his passion for acid music naturally led him to goatrance. It was like revelation, the bpm and the travels hypnotized his brain for the rest of his life. He started a vinyl colllection from labels like Matsuri, step 2 house, polytox, TIP, celtic records, blue room and many more... Until 2007 He played acidtechno on free parties because goatrance no longer existed in France. He bought a cdj 800 and started collecting CD's looking for acidic sounds on all labels that existed. Then he started playing in Belgium with the electromagnetik crew and his French sound system, this is where he met spacemushi who has been a DJ reference for him ever since. He discovered festivals and the power of oldschool goa but he is also invested in new generation music and he began to create his musical world. Today he mixes monthly in France with more fans who respect this kind of music and who encourage him. His music is a mixture of new and old generation, always with acidic lines and sounds. He loves playing at sunrise in the outdoors because the contact with the public is fabulous at this hour. His goal is to create a structured mix with an intro and a frenzied end of very long transitions to mesmerize the area and leave a trace in the brain that will never be forgotten.