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Ethereal Decibel Records is proud to announce their 1st digital release

VA - DIGITAL MIND TRAVEL compiled by Vegan Cake

For their first release, the label wanted to thank all the artists who played on our parties and make them contribute to this VA !
The release is a blend of many styles with some PsyDub, Ethno Trance, Goa Trance, Dark Prog and mostly Darkpsy / Forest !

Be ready for a massive psychedelic release !


released January 26, 2016

►Mastering by Dark Elf @KGB LAB
►Artwork by Superhero Studio
►Compiled by Vegan Cake


  1. Dubz Cooker - FRANCE
  2. Cardamohm - FRANCE
  3. Hybrid Reality - FRANCE
  4. Argaleth - FRANCE
  5. Dark Elf - GREECE
  6. Chromatec - GERMANY
  7. Anubian - FRANCE
  8. Nibana Vs Ivort - FRANCE
  9. johnfaustus - FRANCE
  10. Blisargon Demogorgon - MACEDONIA
  11. module virus vs Disintegrated circuits - ENGLAND / PORTUGAL
  12. Toxeed - FRANCE


A Seed is Cardamohm's first album, made of 8 tracks mixing wind instruments and electronic music.


paraît le 30 mars 2017

≻ Machines: System NO3
≻ Wind instruments: Try Low Beat

≻ Instruments recording: Valentin DEROUANÉ
≻ Mix: System NO3; Mika (tracks 1, 5, 7);
≻ Mastering: X-Pand Sound Mastering

≻ Artwork: BaBa Shikoine

≻ Cardamohm 2017.

Ethereal Decibel Records proudly presents :


Blue mountain, Australia. Fresh morning in the bush, dancing on deep psygressive music. The giant shaman give me the peace pipe. I dance, dance around the Tree until music becomes distant. I need to hold on the tree, cause i am suddenly ejected through the all universe. Multicolors lines and infinite darkness appears.

Life is a journey, music is my travel diary, tracks are chapters.
Zero Zero, a Total Recall.
released 07 November 2014

Written & Produced : Dubz Cooker (with 4bstr4ck3r for Pscientist)

Mastering by: Dark Elf @ KGB Labs

Artwork: Tarian

Format: Digital Download

Release date: November 2014

Distribution: Worldwide by the label

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